Monday, 25 June 2012

Fellow of the week!!

Once upon a time a backpacker, who wasn't satisfied with the rubish and stinking buses of SA, then he came to a brave decision, get rid of buses and starting a motorcycle trip, but what's so brave on that??? Nothing, apart from he wanted to get a new Star 250, most known as "chinese bike".  Inspired by the "mototaxis" at the border of Brazil and Paraguay, he was insistent enough to convince me to help him to get it in Paraguay. As I promised him, I took it to the last consequences, we got it and now you can follow the adventures of Russel and his chinese fellow on his blog,
I'm sure it will be a proper drama that may result as a good book or even a documentary from BBC. All the best my friend!!!

Most common problems we're used to solve:

  • Mechanical problems
  • Getting Tyres and parts
  • Help on Selling bikes in Paraguay(as it's the only country you can do it legally) from bikers who are finishing their trip
  • Help on buying a bike in Paraguay for a backpacker who wants to make and upgrade
  • storage of the bike for as long as you need
  • Shipping bikes out of SA
  • Acommodation
  • Support on expired permits and visas
If you don't see the situation you are above, we would pleased to try to help you on that, in case you lucky enough, just come around for chat. 

Why supporting such a crazy trip??

Well, it all started as everyone starts a trip. A lot of planning, maps, checking costs and hoping that nothing wrong happens on the way, although I believe unexpected events are always what makes a trip interesting, of course no one likes to loose total control of your acts, but everyone would agree that a corrupt police officer or meeting great people are the highlights of a trip. My trip took me a few months and at the end I was desperate because just didn't want to finish it, so what do I do??? Well, as I can't be on the road all the time due the inconvinient social function that we'got such as working, family, etc, decided not to loose contact with the bike comunity.
For some time, Horizonts unlimited and adv riders were a good way to pay back what people did for me on my trip, but that wasn't enough, so had to surrender to starting a blog to continue my plans.
Taking advantage of the geographical location of my town, Foz do Iguaçu(Iguassu Falls), where we'got 3 countries within a circle of 10 km (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay) and one of the biggest atractions of South of Brazil, the "Catataras do Iguaçu", me and some fellow bikers started giving support to every 2wheeled crazy fellow going around the globe and passing through our town.
But why the heck someone would do that??? I still don't know, the thing is that it has been so interesting to do, that we decided to expand our contacts and now we even turned our HQ used before for barbecues, into a hostel with all the facilities you would find in any hotel.
We've solved so many common problems, that sometimes become so hard when you're in a foreign country, from smugling tyres and parts from Paraguay, shipping bikes out of SA, expired bike permits, selling and buying bikes from people who are starting or finishing your own "long way round".

Everyone is welcome, from backpackers to crazy bikers(ok, no that crazy), if you need any help, information or just want to meet for a chat with cold beer give us a shall ok.