Monday, 25 June 2012

Fellow of the week!!

Once upon a time a backpacker, who wasn't satisfied with the rubish and stinking buses of SA, then he came to a brave decision, get rid of buses and starting a motorcycle trip, but what's so brave on that??? Nothing, apart from he wanted to get a new Star 250, most known as "chinese bike".  Inspired by the "mototaxis" at the border of Brazil and Paraguay, he was insistent enough to convince me to help him to get it in Paraguay. As I promised him, I took it to the last consequences, we got it and now you can follow the adventures of Russel and his chinese fellow on his blog,
I'm sure it will be a proper drama that may result as a good book or even a documentary from BBC. All the best my friend!!!


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  2. Hello Rodolfo,
    I am Tom Manzo with a 2009 KLR with 14,000 miles in excellent condition. I am in Buenos Aires (actually was just in Foz and went accross the bridge on foot). Can you please email me so I may contact you with my hopes of taking care of my motorcycle? Hope you can.