This website is for the biking community that passes through Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The main idea of the blog is to turn Iguassu as a meeting point for bike travellers due the strategic location of this town in South America, also share experiences looking forward to help overlanders and give updated information about border controls and paperwork. Due the strategic location of Iguassu, it's easier for us to be updated about 3 countries at the same time and provide quick and reliable information.

Having as a background the Iguassu Falls and Ciudad del Este/Paraguay, Iguassu it's a good place to start or end a trip, with shipping your bike in and out option from here, we can provide paperwork assistance, parts, acommodation, etc.

If you don't see your situation on any of our topics on the blog, we would be pleased to try to help you or recomend someone realiable to do it.

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