Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The brazilian Customs(Receita Federal) issued a new normative instruction saying that the  TEMPORARY PERMIT IS NOT NECESSARY ANYMORE, yes, it seems strange but that´s how it is from now on.

Foreigners bikers or drivers are not the focus of the brazilian customs, it´s necessary a massive structure to control the borders against foreigners drivers and as "most of times"  foreigners bikers or drivers don´t cause to much trouble, they decided to trust the you´ll definetly leave the country with your bike, car, truck, etc.

Another reason is that, selling a bike in Brazil is impossible once you can´t register it, of course you´re still able to sell to someone who will buy it to use in a farm or in a privae land, also you could leave your bike in Brazil for indeterminated period of time. But leaving the bike in Brazil still can be tricky, I say this because when you enter in brazil, they stamp your passport and give you a piece of paper with some details and there´s a space for the plate number, so I´m worried that when you leave the country they ask where´s the vehicle.

But in this case without the temporary permit the situation is much easier if you want to leave your bike for some reason in Brazil, you may  have hundreds of excuses, you can say you came into Brazil in someone else´s  car or in a bus once there´s no register of this vehicle, only the plate, it could be a bike, car, truck, bus, etc and now you´re leaving by without vechicle you came in. I even don´t think they will ask how you got in.

I still need to do some research about the possible consequences and I would be glad if you have questions so I can get the legal information straight from the customs and avoid problems to everyone. At the moment I´m storing some bikes at our hostel for people who will come back and others who left it for sale.

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  1. I would like to know if it is possible for a car to overstay (1 year or more) in Brasil now. With the new law, what sort of procedures do Brasil customs do on the car upon exit? Does Brasil customs have the entry date of the car in their computer, and do they check it upon exit to make sure it has not over stayed? Because if there are effectively no controls on overstaying, then all these problems people have with temporary parking of vehicles will cease to exit.

  2. Hello There
    Can you please help with my query - based upon 2014 regulations!
    I am a British citizen and in 2011 rode my Honda XR 650L from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro - across 15countries. It is a US registered bike.
    I returned home in August 2011 and left the bike stored in Sao Paulo with a friend l met there during my trip. I returned home to treat my mother who was sick and unfortunately passed away last year.
    My original TIP visa allowed me to stay 90 days which would have been October 2011, but thats like 2.5years ago...
    I would like to ride south to Patagonia and maybe north to Venezuela and up into the US and sell the bike in its own country if l can cross the border.
    If l cross any of the borders and explain that the visa ran out 2.5years ago and l left the country and came back to take the bike back to the USA - how would that go down with the border Police?
    I dont want a fine that will cripple my trip savings and dont want anytime in a Brazilian prison. Just want a clean exit into a new country...
    What advice can anyone give me? Best border routes, explanation on why l overstayed....
    I want to leave in the next few weeks - so any thoughts would be appreciated...